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Scorrybreac is the ancestral home of the clan MacNicol for over 800 years. 

A people descended from Scandinavian Vikings and Gaelic settlers, it was a hard land that required determination, fortitude, and a close-knit clan community to thrive in.  Scorrybreac Barbell embodies the values of that lineage.  Here you will be challenged, you’ll work hard, and you’ll achieve more than you thought possible.  But no one succeeds alone.  You’ll have a community to motivate and support you, to help you through the challenges, and share in your triumphs.

Scorrybreac Barbell is a 2500 sq ft elite-level athletic training facility in a beautiful rural setting, providing strength and conditioning programming.  The coaches deliver a high-level fitness and lifting environment with a focus on achieving individual fitness goals at any level. Our coaches have experience working with clients from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities. We have the environment and tools to support individuals at any level of their fitness journey, from novice to elite athletes.

Scorrybreac Barbell offers competition grade equipment for our competition-oriented lifters!

This includes over 1000 pounds of calibrated plates, competition benches and squat racks, and multiple deadlift bars, squat bars, power bars, custom bars, etc.  We have other unique items such as a 24″ CrossFit rig, a custom 4-stack cable machine, dumbbells from 5lb -140lb, 45 ft of athletic football-grade turf for sprinting and conditioning, commercial grade rubber flooring, Rogue fat pads, Rogue sled, full set of Cerberus strongman sandbags, Rogue GHR, kettlebells, including unique super heavy bells and Assault bike.

Alastair MacNicol

Owner & Head Coach

Alastair MacNicol has coached thousands of individuals of varying fitness level for over 12 years. He worked as Assistant Coach of the Queen’s Cheerleading team and head coach of Quantum CrossFit in Toronto for nearly a decade (2010 to 2019). Alastair is skilled at running high-level strength-based fitness classes and personal training. He is also gifted at athletic programming. In the sport of powerlifting, he has worked with the full spectrum of lifters, from introducing beginners to the sport and sharing his passion, to coaching some of Canada’s elite international competitors. Alastair is also Ontario Director and International Referee with the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF).

Alastair has a degree in Health Studies from Queen’s University and is currently writing a book on the sport of powerlifting. He enjoys being active in the field and using knowledge translation to help the sport progress. In his spare time, Alastair runs a blog, enjoys hosting powerlifting seminars, and provides weekly in-person CrossFit coaching to individuals in addiction recovery in York Region.

Alastair is also a professional competitive athlete, beginning on the nationally-ranked Queen’s Cheerleading team. After University, Alastair has been a nationally-ranked competitive powerlifter (lifting over 12 years). He has achieved an elite total of 1901lb in the 220-weight class, with a Wilks score of 526, 705lb squat, and 788 deadlift (the current Canadian record). He has competed at countless international, and world-level powerlifting meets, such as Boss of Bosses, Raw Unity, WPC Worlds, and the Arnold Sport Festival. He was President of the Canadian Powerlifting Federation for 4 years. He is very experienced meet Director, and is looking forward to hosting many at Scorrybreac Barbell.

Erica MacNicol

Manager & COACH

Erica is passionate about helping women get strong, providing empowerment through strength training, and helping women reach their full potential in the gym and in life.

She is a certified personal trainer, strength coach, nutrition coach (Pn1), mental health specialist, and Ontario Director and International Referee with the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF).  She began coaching in the fitness industry in 2016  and has since provided coaching and seminars at several powerlifting gyms in Toronto Ontario, including Torque Barbell and Fortis Fitness.  Erica is deeply passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals, and is able to support individuals at any fitness level.  She is also a big advocate of mental health and is skilled at providing mental health and mindset support, as she has worked as a mental health specialist and counsellor since 2006.  Erica and Alastair also provide weekly virtual group fitness classes to individuals with autism across southern Ontario as part of their recreational programming.

Erica enjoys being challenged and sees adversity as a positive thing because it builds resiliency.  Competing in sports or having ongoing fitness goals is one of the main ways Erica enjoys challenging herself to always improve and be moving forward.   Small steps over time lead to big changes and accomplishments.  As a competitive athlete, Erica has competed as a powerlifter since 2016, having enjoyed competing in CrossFit prior to that, as well as playing many sports before university.  In 2018 Erica placed 2nd and won the silver medal at WPC World Powerlifting Championships in the 67.5kg class.  In 2019 Erica placed first in the CPA Women’s Physique division at her first bodybuilding show, where she qualified for nationals.  Unfortunately, due to covid-19 cancellations, these competitions have been postponed but she plans to compete again when it is safe to do so.

In her spare time, Erica is completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology. 

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