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What People are Saying

Zack Parker
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Since I’ve been training under Alastair, he has helped me in a number of different ways. Not only becoming a stronger lifter on platform, but also off the platform with good training habits and always trying to focus on the big picture, but also the small details when training isn’t going 100%. In the 18 months I’ve been working with Alastair he has helped me add 360lbs onto my competition total (achieved a 1598lbs total @ 250lbs).
Phillip Murphy
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I was fortunate to work with Alastair for nearly two years, and I became a much better powerlifter and athlete because of it. Alastair is attentive to his athlete’s needs, and from the very start, it was clear that he took my progress and success very seriously. While working with Alastair, I added more than 200lb to my total and he helped target my weaknesses to make me a well-rounded lifter. Through life stresses, scheduling changes and all other kinds of disruptions, Alastair remains patient and looks for solutions to ensure that training goes as smoothly as possible. As a coach, Alastair is always ecstatic to see his athletes not just succeed but also enjoy the process. Without Alastair, I would not be where I am today as a powerlifter and I would recommend him to anyone interested in pursuing excellence (achieved a 1747lbs total @ 242lbs).
Gino Conte
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Working with Erica for my second meet (CPF Nationals 2019) was a fantastic experience. She opened my eyes to a new style of training for powerlifting, and also helped me get stronger while shedding body fat. I hit a world record deadlift of 661lbs at 268lb bodyweight. She also gives you the tools to be mentally strong, as well as physically stronger. I would highly recommend Erica to anyone looking to start in powerlifting or have a couple years, or even want to just better themselves as a lifter and person.
Justin Zottl
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Al knows when my body is fatigued, primed or about to be sick before I do. Every single program I receive is followed by a million questions and in return I receive a million answers. Alastair is the type of coach who is jumping in the background as his athletes succeed because, at the end of the day the level of success you achieve with Alastair cannot be achieved elsewhere (achieved a 2039lbs total (raw w/ wraps) @ 275lbs).